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InPlace Features

With great body of knowledge behind us, we knew what it would take to build a solution

Smart Features for Powerful & Collaborative Management

Placement management is an incredibly complex process with an extremely diverse set of requirements that varies significantly. Utilising the best in modern software technology and best practice within the business requirement, InPlace offers sophisticated features to deliver all requirements and many value adds to all types of users.

Curriculum Placements

Clinical Placements

Work Experience


Industry Projects


Graduate Placements

International Opportunities

Key Features

Never Miss a Thing

The Home Screen acts as an inbox divided by task and displays key indicators requiring attention, outstanding issues and reports.

Top Down Visibility

Single, centralised and integrated source of information providing university with complete visibility across all disciplines and placements

Integration Means Accuracy

Modern feature rich design: Deployable to Cloud or University Infrastructure. Integrates with student systems, financial systems, email, SMS and federated authentication (single sign on)

Create Your Own Fields

Genuine Business User maintained customisable fields supporting a range of field types including lists of values, text, checkboxes and others, with the ability to include attachments, comments and expiry dates. The fields can be used in allocation rules, reporting, screen designs and dynamic queries/groups

Customise Your Placement Model

Designed as a generic placement management system, InPlace works for all disciplines anywhere in the world.

100% Online Optimised for Widescreen, Tablet, Students Mobile

100% browser based application, all features accessible and tested against latest versions of browsers

Easy to Use Data Migration Tool

Integrated Data Migration Tool enabling business users to cleanse and load data from legacy systems and repositories both at cutover and into the future as new data sources / disciplines etc. are migrated

Powerful Communication Capabilities

Extensive communication capabilities, including online, email, fax and print, customisable distribution lists and communication templates, business user maintained email templates and edit before sending.

Managing and Creating Supply

Online Placement Requests

Send placement Request to multiple Agencies via Email/fax/print (with easy to use Configurable communication templates) or via API with ‘InPlace Network’ application. Search and target agencies based on categories, student to agency suitability matching (see allocation rules), experiences offered, etc.

Import Manager (Govt. placement import/export)

Import manager for importing placements from another source (eg. Government system such as ClinConnect, VicPlace). Takes the tedious aspects out with a workflow for duplicate prevention and field memory/alias for ease of use

Advertise Your Students to Prospective Employers Online

Looking to find new employers for your placement program? Create HTML advertisement for University website to advertise placement program/internship opportunities to employers with submission straight into InPlace with duplicate search, account creation and info merge

Store and Manage Placement Agreements

Record agreements with employers and generate placement from agreements with Document Repository and Letter Of Exchange storage.

Placement Blocks

Set grouped time periods for students to undertake placements

Clinical Schools

For the Health users, store and maintain Clinical Schools, associate Unit Offerings/subjects and students to manage your offsite clinical schools.

Advanced Placement Management

Notifications and Confirmations

Flexible Bulk notifications utilising the communication templates to students, supervisor, agency, etc. with sophisticated actions incl. publish, assigning costs, generate schedules, allocation reports and more.

Allocation of Supervisors (agency or staff based)

Functionality to easily and flexibly assign supervisors with roles, responsibilities and costs from your agency personnel or staff list for mentors/liaisons/teachers, etc.

Schedule Management

Powerful bulk schedule management and maintenance for rostering and creating the student schedule (includes optional allocate plus integration for during day placement).

Student Timesheets with Supervisor Approval

Flexible student timesheet recording with optional supervisor signoff, comments and more. Functionality to measure attendance and includes reports, alerts for absences and more

Calendar View

Calendar or list view of placements, engagements and events for all users (student, agency, supervisor, staff), can be used as alternative form of placement management.

Message Board and Notifications

Broadcast messages to specific user groups based on association. Notifications for a range of events such as student defers while allocated to a placement, late enrolment, incomplete placements, change requests, submission verifications, and more.

Student Portal & Mobile Interface

View placements, mapping, timesheets, notifications, to do list, submit surveys, preferences, certifications (incl. optional staff verification), opportunities and many different placement workflow interaction. All accessible via mobile, tablet, etc.

Student Transcript

Broadcast messages to specific user groups based on association. Notifications for a range of events such as student defers while allocated to a placement, late enrolment, incomplete placements, change requests, submission verifications, and more.

Powerful Methods for Placement Allocation

Advanced rule matching and ranking for allocation (staff assign students)

Unlimited options for building your own rules - Extended Attributes (configurable fields which cater for unlimited scenarios, simple or complex, eg certifications, regional preference, special consideration, etc.), Distance based (Route, Direct, travel time, public transport – UK only), Experience or specialisation based and several preferenceable options.

Student Self-Selection

Broadcast placements to targeted set of students – competitive open/close time for first come first serve nomination. Optional rules criteria to determine students allocation options with staff confirmation of student nomination

Self-Placement (self arranged assignment by student)

Create your own online form for student submission with an workflow for approval, feedback and rejection. Comprehensive functionality includes - Wizard to turn submission into placement with duplicate prevention for match/merge agency and personnel, assign supervisor, send confirmations and more.

Opportunities (placement opportunity advertising with flexible application process)

University sources placements, with capped availability to students – supporting full (including student application, staff screening, and conducting the interview) and simplified interview process. Includes targetted opportunity broadcasting, Interview management with Employer assessment of students at pre-placement, Student’s registration and capped event management

Additional Features

Many supporting features through allocation include Highlight clashes if other placements occur in same period, Specify Incompatibilities (Between Student & Agency), Alerts

Withdrawal, Change Requests and swaps

Online workflow for students requesting placement changes or swaps, placement withdraw by student/agency and much more.

To see a demonstration of these features please contact our business solutions team

We are happy to provide a product overview or video of some specific features, please get in touch to arrange.

Special Features

InSight: Powerful Survey & Assessments

Integrated Survey and Assessment tool to create custom surveys on student opinions, opinions on placement, Supervisor based assessments, etc. View powerful Analysis and Summary Reports to gain trend analysis and statistics.

Build Your Own Reports in Minutes

Build your own reports querying and comparing any fields in the system. Functionality includes add to favourites, use in mail merge, reference through screens and export to MS Excel. Will blow you away.

Reporting and Analytics

Full suite of predefined reports with over 30 different reports with flexible filtering options and using the query tool create your own reports then create and add to InPlace Custom Reports for 100% your own design.

Government Body Reporting

Government Reporting supported includes Clinconnect via interface and HWA using extractable flexible query

Control and Manage Costs

Cost Management, capabilities providing end-to-end control of costs from requisition to payment, supporting integration with the university Financial Management system.

Student Transcript

Deliver a complete transcript comprising of theoretical and subject results alongside practical experience and placement results, effectively forming the basis to the students CV for enhancing employability prospects.


Create alerts on user defined triggers of any action occurring (eg. Student on placement with expiring police check or incident at employer - never use) and display for any user type with importance settings.

Student Log Book

Flexible and convenient recording of student placement activity and supervisor observations. Integrated with timesheet to reconcile tasks completed against attendance with powerful reporting and analytics.

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