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February 2015: InPlace V3.4 Released

Quantum IT is pleased to release the latest, highly-anticipated version of InPlace. New Features and notable additions include:

InPlace Calendar

The new InPlace Calendar allows you to manage various events such as Placements, Engagements, and Opportunities in Day, Week, Month and List views. The Calendar displays summary information on hover either grouped or ungrouped, and powerful filtering. Using the sync feature, students can log on to InPlace and export their placements from the Calendar to their mobile devices.

Placements History Ruleset

The pre-loaded Allocation Rules have been expanded and there are six new Placement History Rule Bases in the PreLoaded Rule list. Placement History rules not only compare current available placements (typical Rule and Ruleset behaviour), but also consider a student’s previous placement history. This is useful if, for example, you want to allocate a student to placements they have not yet completed or in Agencies they have been to before.

Match and Merge Agencies and Agency Personnel:

When Agency or Agency personnel details are brought into InPlace through a student self-placement, users can merge the new details with existing records.

Bulk Student Notification:

Send bulk communications (email or SMS) to specified sets of students or filter specific sets of students (using an extensive range of criteria). Two new tabs allow you to send notifications or view your notification history.

ClinConnect Integration: New South Wales (Australia)

ClinConnect is NSW Health’s state-wide booking system used by education providers and health services to manage clinical placements. InPlace has added functionality that allows our clients to import ClinConnect data, manage placements in InPlace and export placement data back to ClinConnect. As part of this sophisticated integration we have developed an open API to integrate with other state based systems. ViCPlace integration is underway.

New Feature Coming Soon (v3.5): Student Placement Log Book

Log Book provides a comprehensive online solution for students and supervisors, recording detailed, day-by-day task assignments, student feedback, and supervisor commentary.  This new feature integrates with student timesheets to reconcile tasks completed against attendance.

Placement Coordinators design and categorise different tasks to streamline completion and data collation. An easy-to-use interface provides visibility across submitted log books for review, student / placement comparison, supervisor verification, and much more.

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As an independent software company our people, intellectual property and methodologies make it happen.

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