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API data query for connected platforms and CRM (InPlace 4.11)

Introducing powerful API data extract for CRM in InPlace 4.11. The new API enables Agency (Placement Provider), Agency Personnel and contacts, Placement and more.

The InPlace Team is pleased to introduce the InPlace Data Query API (Application Programmer Interface) —a new InPlace licensed feature for powerful data extract. InPlace Data Query API allows clients to extract Placement, Agency (Placement Provider, employers) and Agency Personnel data from the InPlace solution for consumption by a client’s other applications, such as Customer Record Management (CRM) systems, dashboards, reporting suites and more.

 Higher Education Institutes can use the Data Query API to extract:

  • Agency (Placement Provider) data
  • Agency Personnel and contacts
  • Placement data
  • Additional configured attributes/Custom Fields linked to Agency and Placements

InPlace Data Query API utilises GraphQL, API explorer to assist in easy connection of platforms such as an Institution enterprise CRM. As a result the CRM can pull data out of InPlace to see a complete picture of interactions with agency and employers at an enterprise level.

In the UK, InPlace can be connected to an Institutions data sources to support that Institutions Data Futures returns, providing near-real time reporting to central government of student time and experience at University.

Data Futures is an industry-wide programme from the Higher Education Statistics Agency designed to make data collection and reporting in higher education more efficient, standardised across all institutions. More information on Data Futures here:

Success of projects of this scale relies on quality and timely data, and the best and most meaningful data needs to come direct from core operational systems.

To learn more please contact your InPlace Account Manager or contact us here.

QUT University Campus Hosting the 2022 InPlace APAC User Group

InPlace APAC User Group Conference 2022

QuantumIT and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) are thrilled to be hosting our InPlace APAC User Group Conference in Brisbane this November.

The 2022 edition will take place in: 

Date & Time: 8:30 AM – 5:00PM; 10-11 November, 2022 
Place: Level 5, Synergy Building, 88 Musk Avenue, Kevin Grove, QUT, Brisbane


InPlace Software’s New Integration with Checked (Online Police Check Provider)

Checked are an Australian check provider, and one of our newest integration partners. Checked mainly operate in Australia but are currently active in both New Zealand and the UK and are likely to continue expanding globally. For our integration, Checked will provide background checks and source of truth verifications for students going on placements.

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