Help to log into InPlace

InPlace uses your institute’s (university or college’s) Single Sign-On authentication for access to your account. These are the same credentials for accessing your university or college accounts and will redirect from InPlace Sign-On to your institute’s portal to authenticate. If you need help or are trying to log in for the first time, please contact your school or administrator.

Do I need to pay to access my student account? 

Some schools require their students to pay directly for access. If this is the case, you will be directed after log on to an online payment page. On this page, you can pay for your InPlace subscription with a credit card (Amex, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover). Once your credit card has been approved, the system will automatically activate your account, enabling you to continue using InPlace.

The subscription paywall is only applied once you are allocated a placement so any information on your profile, compliance, preferences, applications, and more, can be submitted or uploaded before placement allocation.

My compliance, application, prerequisites have not yet been approved or verified

As part of your placement you may need to submit compliance, prerequisites, or an application, this process or verification is managed by your coordinator. If a Background Check provider is integrated with InPlace this information is typically pushed nightly from an integrated Background Check provider to InPlace.

I can’t see my placement 

Placements may be published at the discretion of your coordinator, please contact your school’s coordinator if assistance is required.

Submission of timesheets or Log Books

Log Books are submitted daily or weekly and are a record of how you have spent time on placement as clinical logs, case logs, or reflections.

The Log Book template is fully configured and managed by your institute. Any questions on the content, fields, and more should be directed to your coordinator.

Adding or removing days from your Log Book

If as a user you can Add days, you can also remove or delete days. Once a day is submitted it can be withdrawn until or unless it has been Approved or Finalized. If you have added a day by accident and wish to delete a day. Select ‘withdraw’ and delete the associated sessions and click delete day. If you do not see the delete logbook icon, please save the logbook and the delete logbook icon will appear.

If your Log Book has been Approved or Finalized you will need to request that your institute coordinator or Supervisor/Preceptor set to revise so you can adjust.

Help and support

For further information or instructions on accessing and using InPlace, contact your School’s Placement, Field, or Work Integrated Learning Coordinator.