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WACE: 20th World Conference Chiang Mai, Thailand

WACE (World Advancement of Cooperative Education) is an organisation committed to expanding and promoting cooperative education. At QuantumIT we share this goal through InPlace and are proud to be an exclusive placement software partner.

The 20th WACE world conference was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand on 5-8 June 2017, and themed 21st century new challenges. The conference is consistently an excellent platform for university representatives to promote and research new and innovative models of work integrated education on the world stage.

On Day 1 Nottingham Trent University (NTU) and InPlace collaborated on a workshop titled ‘Putting the smart before the course: Using technology to get students ready for the workforce’. QuantumIT CEO Guthrie White began by presenting a solution to measuring student employability and extracting learnings to enhance curriculum through the just released InPlace Analytics. These are entirely new capabilities being introduced to the market, including the ability to correlate academic assessment with placement assessment and course learning outcomes.

Rachel Heyes from NTU then outlined their journey from initially implementing InPlace to university-wide adoption, and went on to provide great insights into the many benefits they’ve derived from InPlace in the three years since.
The success of the NTU InPlace project provides an excellent case study of work integrated learning and its powerful impact, which in part attributes its recent strong rise in the world university rankings.

We would like to thank to Rachel Heyes, NTU Senior Project Manager who has championed the initiative at NTU and showcased achievements.
If you are interested in seeing the slides please get in touch!


The Importance of Integrating Background Checks

In this webinar we’ll explore the benefits of an integrated background check solution for student placement systems.   InPlace Software and American Databank, Complio (background checks and compliance solutions)

QUT University Campus Hosting the 2022 InPlace APAC User Group

InPlace APAC User Group Conference 2022

QuantumIT and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) are thrilled to be hosting our InPlace APAC User Group Conference in Brisbane this November.

The 2022 edition will take place in: 

Date & Time: 8:30 AM – 5:00PM; 10-11 November, 2022 
Place: Level 5, Synergy Building, 88 Musk Avenue, Kevin Grove, QUT, Brisbane


InPlace Software’s New Integration with Checked (Online Police Check Provider)

Checked are an Australian check provider, and one of our newest integration partners. Checked mainly operate in Australia but are currently active in both New Zealand and the UK and are likely to continue expanding globally. For our integration, Checked will provide background checks and source of truth verifications for students going on placements.

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