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University of Colorado staff recognized for Innovation & Efficiency Award

University of Colorado staff recognized for Innovation & Efficiency Award which allowed for Rapid Response During Pandemic

InPlace would like to congratulate Jodi Cropper, Director of the Office of Academic Programs and Leigh Small, PhD, RN Associate Dean of Academic Programs for being recognized for the CU Innovation & Efficiency Award.

The award recognizes Jodi and Leigh for improving CU business processes, and their vision to implement a new system for management of Clinical Placements. Demonstrating the benefits and just some of the longer term value of having a system in place. Especially in times when rapid response and change is needed.

From the article:

New System Made Responding during the Pandemic Easier

Not long ago, this rapid response would have been unheard of and more difficult to accomplish. But a system that was implemented three years ago made it possible to respond more swiftly during the crisis. And, the people behind the system are now being recognized by the university for their vision.

InPlace was deployed in 2017 at University of Colorado and through the use of InPlace Software, CU Nursing was able to simplify and organizing all electronic files to improve reporting, and implemented a software program that tracks clinical placements and integrates with the university’s student information system to decrease daily tasks and improve efficiency.

Also from the article:

One essential component to building the infrastructure was the addition of InPlace, a relational database system, which could integrate the University’s disparate systems – CUSIS, Typhon, NursingCAS, clinical placements, compliance and ordinary spreadsheets of students. It allowed the College to manage the college’s enrollments to determine student’s progression and what future teaching needs would be and when. “Projecting needs allowed us to plan for gaps in a much more proactive fashion,” said Cropper. Instead of spreadsheets, the team could pull reports that clearly showed specifics, including current and future needs and gaps.

University of Colorado’s College of Nursing (CU Nursing) serves approximately 1,200 graduate and undergraduate nursing students each year. The birthplace of the nurse practitioner program, CU Nursing boasts a reputation as a leader and pioneer in nursing education. With 17 programs and four nurse-led practices in nine locations, the college offers dynamic career paths that fit diverse goals.

Innovative approach leads to university recognition

“Keeping track of students — how they were progressing as well as clinical placements — was complicated,” said Associate Dean of Academic Programs Leigh Small, PhD, RN, who arrived at the College in 2016. Dependent on individually-held spreadsheets and key individuals with extensive knowledge about students made it impossible to accurately determine where students were in the programs and to assess when new courses, course sections, faculty, or clinical placements were needed. “We were extremely reactive – manually handling placements,” said Director of the Office of Academic Programs Jodi Cropper. “Time and again, we would be surprised at the last minute that we needed a new section and would have to add faculty or adjunct faculty. We were frequently caught flat-footed.”

Click through here to read the full article: System to Improve Student Experience, Progression and Tracking Allowed for Rapid Response During Pandemic 

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