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Quantum IT is launching a new product for Hospitals and Health Networks

Quantum Information Technology is launching a new system for hospitals and health networks at the
Clinical Placements Conference
QuantumIT helps universities around the world organise Work Integrated Learning and Clinical Placement programs using their software product InPlace.
Health Service Providers are under constant and increasing pressure to expand the numbers of clinical placements they can offer and contain costs of managing clinical education programs.
QuantumIT are developing a new product to support Health Networks and individual health service providers in the management of the clinical placement process from definition of capacity through to managing the student in the placement:
+ Enhancing visibility of capacity potential and constraints
+ Assessing and allocating requests from education institutions for clinical placements
+ Monitoring revenue and payment commitments
+ Real time integration between universities and hospitals
The system utilises much of the platform technology from InPlace, incorporating features such as email templates, InSight, Ad Hoc Query tool and others.
Direct real time updates between University student placement processes will be supported through open API communications whether through InPlace of any other product.
The new system will provide powerful management information, assisting Health sector participants efficiently deliver the clinical education process and support extensive reporting to stakeholders.

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