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New Log Book module provides greater insight and feedback into placements

An additional InPlace feature that offers a platform for the flexible and convenient recording of student placement activity has just been launched.

Student Log Book has been developed in collaboration with Sports Science, Nursing and Midwifery academics at the University of Southern Queensland, to make life easier for students, supervisors and university staff alike.

The new feature provides a comprehensive online solution to enable:
• Detailed, day-by-day recording of task assignments,
• Greater student feedback,
• Supervisor commentary and assessment, and
• Tailored ‘plug-in’ industry codes for government accreditation and recording of experiences.

Students can electronically submit their log books for review, comparison, supervisor verification, and much more. It is entirely configurable with student time sheets and reconciles tasks completed against attendance.

One of Log Book’s greatest assets is its flexibility for use by all disciplines; from health, education, business, engineering and more. Universities can gain valuable insights from student placements in all types of courses through the module, which were previously separately logged or completely unrecorded, and thus lost.

“There is nothing so terrible as activity without insight” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Guthrie White, Managing Director of InPlace developer QuantumIT said, “Traditionally, these processes have involved paper-based, non-integrated business solutions. This is a time-consuming and expensive way to record student activities and achievements. Student Log Book streamlines this process, provides easy data collation and huge potential for analytics. The efficiency opportunity presented by the technology is significant – one of our clients expects to save several hundred thousand dollars per year in printing costs alone from implementation of the new module.”

Student Log Book is an optional licensed feature for InPlace version 3.5 and upwards. It has already been bought by Monash University, with a number of other institutions set to follow.

Dr Robert Crowther PhD, Senior Lecturer Sport and Exercise, University of Southern Queensland said, “During my time working as a placement coordinator, the large amount of paperwork and time-consuming administration processes were very apparent. It became clear that an online platform to manage this side of things would be incredibly beneficial.

“In addition, students were off-site undertaking placements and we didn’t have a clear picture of what they were doing. There seemed to be huge advantages in having a digital system that would provide real-time analysis and feedback on the activities of each student and the experiences they were having.”

When Dr Crowther approached InPlace to discuss the idea of a Log Book, the new feature was born.

“What InPlace has done with the Student Log Book will change the way we manage student placements in Australia and internationally,” said Dr Crowther. “The focus on real-time information for students, supervisors and staff makes our job and the process of reporting to professional bodies so much easier. Ultimately, it will allow us to improve student learning.”

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