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Managing industry experience opportunities for students: Post 2

Placement Coordinators play a key role in the everyday mechanics of securing students with industry experience. From sourcing the most relevant internships/placements, to managing interviews and offers between employers and students, the end-to-end process heavily relies on them.

Therefore, over the years the InPlace team has worked with a number of clients, in particular Queensland University of Technology (QUT), to develop a feature to help Placement Coordinators manage this workflow as efficiently as possible. We call this feature ‘Opportunities’. Look out for our next blog in which we’ll shed some insights on our collaboration with QUT!

Earlier this month we released a host of improvements to ‘Opportunities’ on release 4.4, simplifying the management of industry experience opportunities. You can read about these in our recent blog post. In this post, we shared our plans to phase the new functionalities over several product releases, giving our clients the flexibility to choose which capabilities will most benefit their institution.

As such, today we’re pleased to announce the latest iteration of ‘Opportunities’, now available on release 4.5.

How will the new improvements help me manage industry experience opportunities?

Having focused much of our efforts into delivering a simpler and more intuitive user experience in release 4.4, we’re excited to reveal that release 4.5 goes a step further. We’ve armed our users with solutions that will work smarter to help them fulfill their students’ goals.

New benefits:

  • Smart matching – Coordinators will be pleased to hear that they have more capabilities to aid them in allocating students to the most suitable work opportunities.
  • Minimum clicks – time is of the essence, so our users love the simplicity in handling actions for large volumes of students in InPlace. Having listened to your feedback, we’ve now enabled Coordinators to carry out actions ‘en masse’ in Opportunities, in a minimum number of clicks.
  • Time saved– Coordinators can save time with the improved workflow. Now, for the first time they have the means to view a high-level summary of student applications in Opportunities, grouped as they wish.
  • Make better informed decisions – we’ve worked hard to minimise the number of queries and administrative interventions that Coordinators receive. One particular solution lets colleagues and employers indicate their favourite applicants for an opportunity upfront, helping Coordinators make better informed decisions.
  • Increased controls – sometimes the time isn’t quite right to share information with students and employers, for example announcing news re shortlisted applications. As a result, we’ve given our Coordinators greater controls to enable and disable what users can see in Opportunities and when.

How can I get the new ‘Opportunities’ feature?

The enhanced Opportunities functionality is now available in our latest release of InPlace, 4.5. Opportunities is available as a licensed feature to all clients and their employer partners.

To make the most of the fantastic new functionalities, we recommend you make the forthcoming software updates!

Find out more

To find out more how Opportunities can improve your employer-university work processes, get in touch today.

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