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Introducing the new and improved Opportunities feature: Post 1

The InPlace Team are pleased to announce that over the coming months, we’ll be releasing a number of product enhancements to bring clients our new and improved Opportunities features.

Managing student job opportunities, projects, internships and careers events, conferences and more is now easier than ever, with InPlace.

As we release the various product updates in this phased approach, we’ll be publishing a series of News posts sharing the new functionality and benefits of Opportunities. Stay tuned and look out for updates from InPlace!

What’s new in Opportunities?

Working closely with a number of clients, we’ve focused our efforts into enhancing the user-friendliness and functionality of the Opportunities tool. Now, more flexible to suit every clients’ needs, Opportunities will help users be more effective and efficient in managing their admin processes. In addition to this, there are brand new functions which will enable more tasks to be accomplished through Opportunities.

As such, we’re proud to announce that our latest release V4.4 is now live, bringing you the first of these Opportunities enhancements. Placement coordinators, employers and students can benefit from the following:

  • A fresh interface – InPlace users will see an updated Opportunities interface; simpler, clearer and easier to use and navigate.
  • Create an interview – Employers now have the option to schedule and manage job interviews. With greater employer involvement in the selection process, employers and academic institutions will be able to work more collaboratively. What’s more, we’ve made sure that employers have their own interface, minimising manual overheads.
  • Make offer – Once the employer has decided which student will be the best fit, the university placement coordinator is able to make the offer, through our improved, automated offer process.
  • Student capabilities – Students can now accept or decline offers made, relieving administrators of this overhead. In addition to this, placement coordinators can set limits on the number of opportunities students can apply to, making it easier for all stakeholders to manage.
  • Experience attained – Students are able to see the experience they’ll achieve from each opportunity. This will help them in deciding which job offers will be most suitable for their Course.

What else can Opportunities help me with?

First and foremost, Opportunities enables placement coordinators to publish work opportunities sent by employers, to which Students can apply. This process can be managed by coordinators, by grouping job vacancies into campaigns – tailored to specific disciplines and student year groups. Further to this, Opportunities facilitates the organisation of careers events – placement coordinators can schedule events or conferences with students and employers, and even arrange volunteering. These are just a few of the features.

How can I get the new and improved Opportunities?

The enhanced Opportunities functionality is now available in our latest release of InPlace, V4.4. Opportunities is available as a licensed feature to all clients and their employer partners.

We encourage you to stay tuned and make the forthcoming software updates, so you can embrace the great new functionalities coming your way!

Find out more

To find out more how Opportunities can improve your employer-university work processes, get in touch today.

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