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Introducing InPlace 5.2: Design-Forward Interface for Student Placement and Partner Management

We’re excited to announce that InPlace has received a refresh! We’ve reimagined the staff coordinator user interface to bring you a student placement experience that’s intuitive, accessible, and fast.

Included in the upcoming release of InPlace 5.2 are feature updates and brand new features for both staff and agency users to carry out their student placement tasks with greater ease and visibility.

Some of the New Features for Staff Users

Use InPlace From Anywhere

The InPlace Administrator dashboard is now configurable for any device type, so you can access the same tools and use InPlace productively from your phone. Use InPlace From Anywhere

Customise Your Homepage

Don’t spend any extra time searching for the tools you need. Arrange your favorite and most used widgets on your homepage in a layout that makes sense for you.

Navigate Your Dashboard Easily

An updated navigation bar helps you access features easily. As part of an increased focus on the importance of accessibility, keyboard commands, voice navigation and more are now available for student placement coordinators.

Never Miss a Thing

Any outstanding tasks will appear on the homepage with associated action items to view, acknowledge, or dismiss. Pop-up alerts provide additional view and search capabilities.

Manage Your Agency Partner Records

A completely new interface has been designed especially for easy management of your agency partners and their personnel.  Easily search for, view, and update contacts, and create and deactivate user accounts in bulk. A shared document repository allows for greater transparency in agreement management and student orientation.

Anonymity in Displaying Opportunities

The agency can now remain anonymous when displaying opportunities to students to promote filling your placements with best fit candidates. Anonymous Agency is an update to the Opportunities Module. 

Manage Accommodations For Students

Allocate students completing placements away from their term location to appropriate housing. The new Accommodation feature provides a snapshot view of available housing that you can sort by location and capacity, allowing you to book accommodations based on availability in realtime. Easily keep track of all students by creating comprehensive records that detail each individual’s housing information.

New For Agency Users

One Central InPlace Login

InPlace Shared Agency allows you to access and manage student placements across multiple university partners from one portal. An aggregated view of outstanding notifications across all universities allows you to easily tackle to-do items in one swoop.

Get Started With InPlace 5.2

If you’re a current user, look forward to these efficiency-boosting updates to become part of your InPlace experience very soon. If you’re just being introduced to InPlace, Welcome! We’d love to learn more about your placement needs and work together to build a solution for you. Fill out the form below to start a conversation with a member of our team. 

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