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Helping resolve the unemployment crisis amongst young Australians

Careers Australia and InPlace join forces to help resolve unemployment crisis amongst young Australians

Long-term unemployment in Australia is currently at a 16-year high, with the majority of those affected aged between 15 and 24.

In recent times, the Government has made a concerted effort to support young people entering the workforce; a $330 million Youth Employment Strategy included in the federal budget will target young people vulnerable to long-term unemployment.

One organisation working to improve the country’s youth employment crisis is Careers Australia. With 16 hubs across the country, the organisation is the nation’s leading independent provider of vocational education and training.

One of the company’s unique offerings – the Job Ready Program – is focused on providing existing students and graduates with access to career-related training and networking opportunities.

As part of its commitment to ensuring all students graduate job-ready and with industry-leading skills, Careers Australia has teamed up with InPlace – the worlds’ smartest integrated learning placement solution. The software has been deployed across all Health & Community Services campuses, to boost the organisation’s existing program of work placements and internships. Careers Australia hopes to welcome more courses to use the system in the near future.

“At a time when Australian students and young people need support to find long-term employment more than ever before, this was a fantastic opportunity to expand our capacity and take our offering to a whole new level and move our processes to online,” said Hayley Delaney – National Support & Systems Manager, Health & Community Services of Careers Australia.

Ms. Delaney said the transition to implementation was a smooth one, and that training users was easy, with staff and students alike reporting positively on the software’s user-friendly qualities.

“Since we went live with InPlace in July 2015, we are already seeing substantial time and cost savings, and our processes have become noticeably more efficient and streamlined,” Ms. Delaney said.

“We feel extremely privileged to be working with an organisation at the forefront of connecting today’s businesses with the next generation of talent across Australia,” said Guthrie White, Managing Director of QuantumIT, who developed InPlace.

“We recognise how important it is to ensure Australian students have access to as many pathways to employment as possible. InPlace will assist Careers Australia to increase its capacity to match students with genuine opportunities; from work experience right through to graduate recruitment,” Mr White said.

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