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Enrolment to employment Demand, capacity, and outcomes in Clinical Placements by Guthrie White

InPlace is sponsoring the Clinical Placements 2014 Conference ’Sourcing and sustaining capacity in times of change’ hosted by Criterion conferences for the third straight year. Guthrie White is presenting at 9:40 on Day 1 – 12th November.

This presentation outlines a model based on an integrated technology solution, which links education data and processes to health service providers.

The result delivers a highly-efficient solution that meets the challenge of clinical placement organisation.

Talking points include:

  • What’s not working in the industry? The current model is not delivering either operational efficiency for hospitals or educators, or data for the planners.
  • Starting at the source. The education side drives the demand for clinical experience and learning outcomes and this is where we need to focus.
  • What is the solution? Fix the operational process, integrate data from the educators, with capacity and supervision at the Health Service Providers.
Guthrie White, CEO of QuantumIT, developer of InPlace.

After a 30-year career in the IT industry, leading development of productivity-focussed business solutions for a corporate-heavy client base, Gus has been the driver of the development of the InPlace application for the last six years.
InPlace is a global software product that services universities by managing their work experience and clinical placements

This experience has given Guthrie an informed perspective on clinical placement issues and solutions in the higher education and health sectors.


‘Staff Supervisor Allocation’ for smart allocation of faculty supervisors & instructors

Supervisor Allocation is a new licensed feature for managing and assigning university faculty or staff supervisors for placements. Staff supervisors can include any faculty roles such as Practicum supervisors, instructors, academics, or mentors. Through Supervisor Allocation, placement coordinators and administrators can now bulk assign supervisors across different cohorts of students in a single allocation—managing staff supervisors just got easier! 

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